YA QUDS - Academic Cultural Newsletter, Issue No. 3, August 2017 is published.

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Editors’ note, Prof. Dr. Shukri Al-Abed and Dr. Maha Samman

Articles in English

Education and Freedom: The Case of Palestine
Shukri Abed

Relations between the European Union and East Jerusalem: Case Study in the Field of Education

Ainhoa Gonzalez

From Punitive Measures to Collective Punishment: Residency Revocations as a Tool of Forcible Transfer from Jerusalem
Munir Nusseibeh and Nada Awad

Beyond the Bible: The Need for a Shared Archaeological Heritage in Jerusalem
Marzia Mmerlonghi Miani


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Articles in Arabic

القدس والقانون الدولي
موسى الدويك

إيكولوجية القدس وانتاج اللامساواة في الفترة بين 1850-1950
فايز فريجات أبوستة

أئر السياسات الإسرائيلية على خيارات الإسكان للمقدسيين
سامر مصطفى

القدس والفن التشكيلي
غادة السمان


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