Mission & Objectives

Descripción de la misión

Mission statement

The Jerusalem Research program (JRP) aspires to take a leading role in academic research about issues of the city and society of Jerusalem specifically, and of Palestine and its standing internationally. In so doing, JRP shall conserve the unique values and shall manifest the rich historical and cultural heritage of the city and society of Jerusalem.


  • The Jerusalem Research program (JRP) shall realize its mission through the following goals:

  • To create a vibrant environment with programs and facilities for academic research about Palestine and specifically on Jerusalem

  • To generate knowledge conserving the unique values of Jerusalem, as a city and society

  • To encourage and promote academic research of students, researchers and faculty

  • To produce academic research and publications about Palestine and its society

  • To conduct research on past, current and future issues related to the city and society of Jerusalem.

  • To hold forums and conferences around various research aspects of Jerusalem

  • To develop academic cooperation for post-graduate, PhD students and Post-Doctoral candidates with their respective home institutions

  • To invite researchers from  universities and research centers abroad

  • To enlist Palestinian researchers to explore the city of Jerusalem and its society  from a wide range of aspects and approaches

  • To integrate research  with education to advance focused multidisciplinary research