How to Apply


How to Apply

Cómo solicitar una plaza

Al-Quds University (AQU) adopted online applications for postgraduate studies (through the Internet) using special cards to fill the application forms without the need for student to visit the University and apply personally.
Students are requested to purchase the application form card for an amount of 250 NIS not refundable from one of the following places:

  • Any Arab Bank branch in all of the Governorates
  • AQU Finance Department at Abu Dis campus.
  • Faculty of Hind Al-Husseini / Jerusalem campus, al-Sheikh Jarrah


  • The card is valid for use with one application form only.
  • Keep the card and payment receipt to complete the admission procedures.
  • Students who have troubles accessing the application or fill out the application should contact the enrollment information center at the following number +970(02)2756211 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Admission requirements:  

1. Bachelor degree graded ‘good’ in social sciences and humanities from an acknowledged university and average not less than 70%.
2. Students holders of Bachelor certificates graded ‘good’ in other disciplines from acknowledged universities can apply to the program given that the successfully pass the pre-requisites courses requested by the program.
3.Successfully pass the English proficiency test.
4.Successfully pass the interview


Important Instructions:

Student can follow up the status of the application by logging into the same previous website using the application number and PIN code found in his/her application form card.
Please provide a copy of the following documents as a requirement for the program when asked to attend the interview or perform the exam:

Documents required:

1. A certified copy of the secondary school certificate 4
2. A certified copy of Bachelor degree transcripts.
3. A certified copy of Bachelor's degree certificate.
4. A certificate equivalence from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education for non-Palestinian certificates as well as the Grading System issued by universities providing the certificates.
5. A copy of birth certificate.
6. A copy of personal ID.
7. A letters of recommendation from the place of study or workplace.
8. One personal photo

Note: official certified certificates should be provided upon receiving the official acceptance and upon visiting the Admission Department to receive the university ID number and complete the seat reservation procedures.


Seat Reservation Fees for Jerusalem Studies Programme

Credit Hour cost in JD                        660 IS
Credit hours for seat reservation     6 credit hours
Seat reservation fee in shekel (IS)  4,550 IS

Seat reservation fees include: tuition fees for 6 credit hours + first semester tuition fees of  550 IS + insurance fees of  40 IS + student ID card.


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