Course Descriptions


Course Descriptions

Descripción del programa del Máster 

Courses Descriptions


A- Compulsory Subjects

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Course title

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Curricula Scientific research

Identify methods by which students can write master project through training on how to deal with sources. Apply A scientific approach in the analysis and survey to the application on the city of Jerusalem


Jerusalem  through history

This course deals with the historical development of the city of Jerusalem from the bronze age till the occupation of the eastern half in 1967 and the current attempts at the Judaization of Jerusalem.



A political/legal outlook on the city of Jerusalem

Addresses the political and legal status of Jerusalem from the Ottoman era and the British Mandate, Jordanian rule, and the Israeli occupation



Inter-religious relations in Jerusalem

It covers the historical relationship between followers of the three religions : Judaism, Christianity and Islam and their evolution through history in the city of Jerusalem



A seminar on special topics in Jerusalem

Students will be informed with all kinds of sources on the study of the city of Jerusalem from various aspects whether social, archaeological, and legal



Jerusalem: Social and economic view

 It deals with the composition of the population, social, economy, in different historical stages  


Religious /historic monuments in Jerusalem

It covers a range of archaeological sites and religious buildings revealed by archaeological excavation, Engineering and surveys that took place in Jerusalem



Master project

The student must select one of the topics in consultation with his academic supervisor for the project. Student must defend the research plan as determined by regulations Graduate. Student must  successfully pass  a public hearing to defend the project in front an ad hoc committee that is been formed according to the rules.




Comprehensive Examination


The comprehensive exam designed to measure student ability on the link between basic and advanced concepts gained in the study and use them to solve problems in scientific and applied.





 B-Optional subjects

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Course title

Course Description


Jerusalem in the literature of the pilgrims 


Addresses status of Jerusalem, politically, economically, and socially through history. 


The future of Jerusalem


Addresses the future of Jerusalem through academic and political initiatives in order to find solutions to the issue of Jerusalem this includes Water, sewage, municipal, freedom of worship,   health insurance and national id.


Civil/social and economic  rights


It covers the legal status of the city of Jerusalem as occupied territory, presenting an overview of the different rights accorded by international law and international humanitarian law on the citizens under occupation these rights include freedom of movement, freedom of travel, housing and educational services. Also social rights : the right to health insurance and care for the disabled and those with special needs and protection of vulnerable groups, also Economic rights to be enjoyed by the Palestinian citizen in the city of Jerusalem, with the statement of Israeli violations of all these rights.



Jerusalem Studies in cities


This course identifies the model of Jerusalem of ancient civilization with a comparative look with other important cities. also includes urban planning, especially for the city of Jerusalem.


The tourism industry in Jerusalem

Address the tourist situation in Jerusalem and its importance in the development and growth of the city's economy by focusing on the tourism and hotel industries, this includes tourist sites in Jerusalem 



The social and cultural history of the city of Jerusalem in the Ottoman era and the British mandate.


Addresses social and economic transformations in Jerusalem after Ibrahim Pasha campaign, the Ottoman modern Jerusalem; Relationship supervision surrounding Jerusalem Translator.  It reviews the beginnings of urban expansion outside the Old City

 The modern civil planning for the city. Shifts in Jerusalem and its relationship with selected national leadership in Palestine and the Levant. The consequences of the social and cultural transformation of Jerusalem into the capital of Mandated Palestine.



Special topics


Addresses one of the historical or contemporary relating to the city of Jerusalem from various aspects.


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