M.A. in a Nutshell


M.A. in a Nutshell

Máster en Estudios sobre Jerusalén

“In a Nutshell”


M.A. in Jerusalem Studies


Dear Applicants,

Ahlan wa sahlan, and thank you for your interest in the program!

 Our program provides you with a Masters Degree in Jerusalem Studies. The program will definitely enrich your knowledge, increase your awareness and hopefully trigger your initiative to research and write about our beloved city. Becoming an expert in Jerusalem affairs can help you improve your professional position, open new work opportunities and will moreover, contribute to the Palestinian struggle of liberation. Knowledge is becoming a vital tool of freedom and liberation.

To introduce the program to you, I would start by saying that cities are complex organisms that weave in them major transforming activities. They produce living history and culture; while embodying the social, economic, legal and political activities of society. Jerusalem in particular is an occupied city; it is ethnically segregated and divided with disputed political Authority.

So, to study Jerusalem, our program adopts a multi-disciplinary approach that enables students to widen their knowledge and exposure to the major developments in Jerusalem’s history, society and politics. In addition to the historical aspects, we also focus on the contemporary situation and the problems facing Jerusalem under Israeli occupation.



We provide knowledge and trigger research interests in a variety of city aspects. With emphasis on assigned readings, writing and student research, the program offers courses that focus on Jerusalem’s:

 -  History, culture and architecture,

-  Socio-economical developments, 

-  Legal and political controversies,

-  Geopolitics: urban space and ethnic conflict.

 After a wide exposure, students are encouraged to focus on a subject of their interest while researching and writing their own dissertation.

 In parallel, the Center for Jerusalem studies provides a rich and inspiring extra-curricular program.  In addition to its exhibitions and cultural activities, it offers a colorful variety of tours and field visits that explore the most interesting and hidden places of Jerusalem and Palestine. Students are invited to participate freely.

 The program invites guests from the community and holds public lectures. We aspire to be a Palestinian forum of reflection and academic research on problems and challenges facing Jerusalem and its people.



On our staff we have a group of distinguished Palestinian experts in their fields. They have been involved in Jerusalem’s social, cultural and political developments for a considerable time; organizing, teaching and publishing research.


In the area of history and cultural heritage, we have Dr. Nazmi al Ju’beh and Dr. Yussuf al Natshe who published a lot about city’s history and architecture.


In sociology and social history, we work with well known sociologists, Dr. Bernard Sabella (a PLC member) and Dr. Salim Tamari (Editing board: Journal of Palestinian Studies). We also have Dr. Issam Nassar, with his remarkable research on holy land photography, memory and orientalism”.


In the legal-political field, we have Dr. Anwar abu Eishe who brings a long experience on Jerusalem’s legal situation, and Dr. Jamal Nisseibeh who has been focusing on Jerusalem through his professional and academic work. In the area of political science, we will be enriching our staff with the well-published Dr. Musa al Budeiri


The academic coordinator of the program is Dr. Omar Yousef. His background is in architecture, planning and urban studies, and is providing the focus on the geopolitics of Jerusalem and contemporary urban research.


In addition to the above mentioned, we have good connections with prominent professors such as Rashid el Khalidi, Columbia University and Mick Dumper, Exeter University. The program was developed with their valuable input; we also intend to invite them to teach with us as soon as their schedule allows. 


Target Students:

We welcome students from different backgrounds: social science and others. The main condition is to convince the interviewing committee of student’s genuine interest in the issues of Jerusalem and her/his ability to study and do research. English knowledge is also important for student-research.


Even students, who already have an M.A. in other fields, can make use of the opportunity of the program to launch themselves academically and professionally in Jerusalem issues. This can help them to define future professional projects in Jerusalem, start a writing and research project, or prepare for a future Ph.D. dissertation on Jerusalem.  


Teaching language:

We teach in Arabic and English. Usually we tend to teach in Arabic; in the presence of international students, our lecturers are able to teach in English. Literature and readings are available in Arabic and English.


Degrees and certification:

After acquiring 30 credit hours (cds.), students will be able to pursue a dissertation of their own choice with focus on Jerusalem. In close cooperation with their mentors students will focus on a certain theme and the appropriate research methods.  They can further develop their own professional knowledge and build up on it, or chose a new field of interest.


Those who do not want to write a dissertation need to complete 36 cds. and can sit for a comprehensive exam to earn the M.A. in Jerusalem Studies.


In addition to, we offer a graduate diploma after 24 cds. 


People are welcome to audit our classes and they will receive a certificate from the Center for Jerusalem Studies – Al Qudsd University.



Each course is 3 credit hours (cds.),

1 credit hour costs around 107 J.D. for regular students of Al Quds University (registered for full program), and 214 J.D. for internationals and non regular students


To graduate in two years, students can usually take 3 courses in each semester i.e. 9 cds./semester – 18 cds./year.


How to apply:

You can sign-up immediately!

Please buy a registration coupon from Abu Dis Campus, Hind el Husseini College or any Arab Bank branch, ask for Graduate Studies .(دراسات عليا)

Use the number on the card to fill the application on-line. Don’t forget to save!

Just apply on-line and we will deal with all your concerns in the selection interviews.

You can choose Arabic/English versions on:




We will examine your application and will call you soon for an interview.


Good luck  كل عام و أنتم بخير


Dr. Omar Yousef

Academic Coordinator,
M.A. Program of Jerusalem Studies,
Center for Jerusalem Studies,
Al Quds University


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